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My Philosophy

Successful Senior Housing Philosophy
Build It and They Will Come? Maybe....
Conservative Development Approach
Prudent Marketing
Old-fashioned Operations
Clients Want Self Sufficiency
Less Dependency on Consultants
Emphasis on Teaching/Coaching

"Build It and They Will Come; Not a Sound Philosophy"

The senior housing industry has had its share of failures over the past 30 years.

Developers built retirement communities that did not fill up in a timely fashion. Others built projects that totally ignored the market's needs and expectations.

Today there is a great deal of interest in assisted living. Some developers are still "jumping in with both feet". Enticed by the demographic age wave that is being shown in the media and the potential for quick profits and personal wealth they frequently fail to look before they leap.

This business involves more than building a structure and hiring staff. "Build It And They Will Come" is not a sound philosophy.

"A Conservative Approach to Development"

My philosophy can be characterized as conservative. I place a great deal of emphasis in determining if a market exists for the project, using conservative pro forma and budget expectations. Developing a product that works today.
And in the future.

If everything appears to work using conservative assumptions and thinking, the project will be better able to weather future storms related to new competition -or by changes in the economy.

"A Prudent Approach to Marketing"

Successful marketing involves more than spending money. The facility that spends the most money does not necessarily win the race in competitive markets. The dot-COMs learned this with their Super Bowl advertising several years ago.

Marketing dollars tend to be scarce and should not be spent until the project knows who they are and who they serve. Only then can the proper message be conveyed ensuring a positive market response.

"An Old Fashioned Approach to Operations"

Facilities will be rewarded by treating employees, residents, family members and the public with dignity, respect and compassion. Encourage employees to take ownership.

Empower them to grow professionally and personally.

Be genuinely interested in their progress. We all like "pats on the back" from time to time.

Employees are any project's number one asset.

"Clients Prefer Self-Sufficiency but Hiring a Consultant May be Needed"

Most of my clients would prefer to be self-sufficient in terms of developing and operating their facilities. However, there are times that it is prudent to use the services of a consultant with many years of experience in the business.

Coaching enables the client to remain self sufficient with minimal ongoing support and guidance that is only a phone call away.

"Less Dependency on Consultants"

My consulting philosophy is somewhat unique in the industry. It's really coaching. I encourage owners and developers of senior housing facilities to become self-sufficient.

I involve you and your staff. This reduces consulting expense and eliminates travel costs to your property.

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