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"We have spent a great deal of money on advertising and have been in every publication available. Our ads don't seem to produce any sales or increases in occupancy. Are we promoting the right message. Sales traffic is sporadic--sometimes heavy and sometimes light. The marketing/sales staff are feeling frustrated and so am I."
Senior Housing Facility Owner/Operator

The comments mentioned above are not unusual. The solutions listed below can help get such a facility on track.

"Marketing is More Than Spending Money"

Marketing and sales is a discipline that does not always show success based on dollars spent. Some communities may spend a great deal of money on advertising that is ineffective.

Because the project is not positioned properly in the marketplace.

An unmotivated and untrained sales staff may give a lot of tours, but complete very few sales. Sales personnel and facility staff must be trained on greeting the prospective resident, interviewing the prospect, qualifying the prospect, giving an effective tour of the facility, overcoming objections, closing techniques and followup.

Services can include the following:

Product Differentiation-

How does your senior housing facility differ from the marketplace? Perform a SWOT analysis to determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Learn how to capitalize on the facility's strengths and minimize its weaknesses.

In existing projects I recommend that this exercise be performed with input from department supervisors and key staff on a departmental basis and as a group. I can assist as well.

One of the biggest challenges facing assisted living facilities today is occupancy. In many markets assisted living facilities cannot be distinguished from one another. They all look similar, offer the same services and charge similar rates. There is no compelling difference. The market is confused. Prospects ask "what facility should I choose?" No one is leading. Henry Ford once said that "he would sell you a car as long as it was black". Does your facility have a different color? " Differentiation and Positioning is the Key"

Product Repositioning/Positioning-

Has your facility begun to lose residents?

Is it difficult competing with the newer products in the marketplace?

I can assist you in evaluating your community. Taking the steps to reposition it in the market. Markets change and successful communities sometimes must change to be viable long term. New projects could benefit from proper positioning from the start.

Maybe a new level of care or service needs to be added or a service eliminated. Let me assist you with this process.

Assisted Living Facility Marketing Audits-

Have you performed an audit to determine what has been done in terms of marketing efforts? What has worked and what has failed. An audit will provide a "snap shot" of the current situation.

Other "key points" to consider with a Marketing Audit:
You can't pass or fail an audit.

The purpose is to not to provide specific recommendations, however some key points may be raised. The audit may generate topics for discussion for planning as well as identify areas of deficiencies.

An audit can provide insights into marketing performance and identify strengths and weaknesses. An audit can be crucial to the marketing function where managerial perceptions differ from reality.

I can provide you with a marketing audit outline that you complete with your staff and we then review together.

Assisted Living Facility Sales Training -

Does your staff know and use effective techniques for the type of services they are selling?

Are they giving a lot of tours? Have you seen results?

Are staff capable of selling? Promoting the project in the marketplace effectively?
Are they marketing with the right message- to the right market- using the right tools?

Assisted Living Marketing Plan Development-

Are your staff following a marketing plan? It's a "road map" to follow and measure the effectiveness of the strategies indicated in the plan. Ideally the marketing plan should be prepared by your marketing staff since they are the ones in the trenches. It also requires your staff to get out and visit the competition, to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

I can provide basic training and an outline on what the marketing plan should state in terms of content. The marketing plan should be required for new and existing senior housing projects.

I can provide you with an outline to develop a marketing plan that will be prepared by your staff with my input and coaching.

Web Based Marketing-

Need assistance in developing a viable and cost effective web site? Building the site is only a first step. Prospective residents and their families must be able to find your site on the internet. I have strategies to get your site listed on the major search engines for maximum exposure as well as improvement of the search ranking. Internet marketing can be very effective and should be a part of every facility's marketing plan. It's also inexpensive.

Are you benefiting from social media? Have an active presence of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goggle Plus and  Instagram? Great tools to share your stories, feature staff, communicate with relatives of residents and future residents/families.

I can help evaluate your web site, search engine optimization, local internet marketing and social media programs.

Are you seeking marketing success for your senior housing or assisted living facility?

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