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"We have a big problem with staff turnover. It seems that as soon as we get them trained they leave. The residents and their families are complaining about staff attitudes. I am afraid our services are suffering. We also are not meeting our budget expectations."
Senior Housing Facility Operator

"Employees Make the Difference"

A key to a successful senior housing project is the effectiveness of the employees and management. In this business it has always been difficult to recruit and retain good employees in some markets.

A key to attracting and retaining the best employees is to create an environment where people want to work.

This does not only relate to pay and benefits (but they are important).

The work environment must be positive in terms of employee motivation, empowerment and morale.

"Department Heads as Department Managers"

Departmental supervisors should be encouraged to act as department managers. Give them control over their budgets and departmental operations.

Department heads who are given significant input into the budget process and the authority to follow the budget will be happier and more successful employees.

Happy department heads create happy subordinates in their departments. They in turn create happy residents and families.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and been served by an unhappy waitress? Did you enjoy the meal? Did you tell your friends to try the place out?

Happy employees equals positive word of mouth- referrals then increase.

"Meeting Resident's Needs and Project Focus"

Projects oriented to meeting the residents' real and perceived needs tend to be more successful. Whenever possible, residents' expectations should be exceeded. Proper communication with residents is essential.

Successful projects have a balance between market driven and financially driven operations. Focusing solely on financial results tends to give short term success based on profits, jeopardizing the project's physical plant and resident and staff morale. Placing too much emphasis on market-driven issues may prevent the project from ever showing a reasonable profit. Balancing market and financial driven characteristics is indicative of management that takes a long term view of project success.

"Management Tools and Employee Training Are Important"

In order for staff to succeed they need the tools and systems to make their efforts more effective. I train all department heads in using "spend down sheets" to track expenses as supply and service orders are made. This eliminates many budget overage surprises that could occur during the month.

Everyone hates surprises. Especially if you are paying the bills.

I also believe in the importance of each facility establishing a guest relations program. Building pride among staff on where they work. Giving them proper training on dealing with resident and family demands.

I can help with team building, creating a guest relations program or coach your administrator or specific staff.

"A Positive Environment Starts With the Administrator"

Creating the positive environment described above is only possible if the administrator and owner want it to happen.

I can supply the support, coaching and tools, but upper management must embrace this style of management.

"A Complete Menu of Management Services to Choose From"

Startup Assistance- provide direction/coaching with staffing, purchasing, move-in coordination

Distressed Property Workouts- evaluate expenses, program, staffing levels.
Human Resource Development/Training ideas

Quality Assurance Programs Development Assistance

Resident and guest relations programs Development Assistance

Survey Readiness Ideas/Strategies

Management Audits

Expense Control Programs/tools development/techniques

Operational reports- development assistance

Budget Preparation Assistance/Review

Health Care/Assisted Living Licensure Assistance

Preventative Maintenance- assistance in development/program

Strategic Planning assistance- identifying goals/strategies

Management Assistance- let me help you in managing your own property and save costly third party management fees.

Board Development strategies

Resident Satisfaction Surveys- preparation assistance and evaluation

Resident Assessment Programs techniques- very important in determining pricing based on acuity levels. I have a resident assessment tool that is helpful.

Assistance in dealing with Aging In Place issues

Policy/ Procedures Development Assistance- input, scope and review

Are you seeking success for your senior housing or assisted living facility?


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