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Are you an investor or lender to a senior housing project?

Have you been asking these questions:

Will they be able to make their debt service the way things are now going?
It appears that occupancy is going nowhere. What should management be doing to remedy this situation? They don't even seem to have a marketing plan or any idea of how to fill these units.

The expense levels appear higher than our original pro forma projections. What should we do? Is staffing creeping up because of higher acuity residents?

New competition is coming into our market. Is our project in danger or will it be affected?
Do we need to add other levels of service or care to our project to be competitive?

It appears the facility has a lot of turnover with staff and residents. Should we be concerned?

Would a resident assessment program provide me with the numbers I need?

Why doesn't the information they send me make any sense?

Should we get an experienced senior housing consultant involved to help us figure out what is going on and why?

Do we need a professional manager or a new administrator?

Should we sell the project?

If you are asking these kinds of questions or have these kinds of concerns, I can assist you. It might be as simple as performing a management audit or performing some sales training to motivate the staff.

Are you seeking success for your senior housing or assisted living facility?
The next move is up to you.


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